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Store HomeGenesen Acutouch Pointers▸Genesen Acutouch Pointer M5.2

Genesen Acutouch Pointer M5.2  

Genesen Acutouch Pointer M5.2


Extra power acupoint treatment without needles! benesen_m5.2_acutouch_pointer_south_africa

  • M5.2 for extra power
  • Harness energies of the universe to treat yourself and others
  • All natural energies:  no batteries or power supplies
  • Acupoint therapy without needles:  painless, comfortable
  • Enhance your practice with this perfect piece of magic
  • Learn how to use it with the full manual included

The needles-free and effective solution.

The M5.2 is the more powerful version of the superb Genesen Acutouch pointers and delivers greatly increased stimulation and effect., the magnetic component of which ranges from 950 to 1000 gauss.

This kit comprises:

  • 2 X Acutouch pointers, one north and one south polarity, 950 nto 1000 gauss
  • 1 X pocket carrycase for the pointers
  • 1 X optimal spacer
  • 1 X 2-set connector to use two sets of Genesen Acutouch pointers together
  • 1 X externder arm
  • 1 X protection cap to protect the Genesen Acutouch pointers while not in use
  • 1 X "healing cap" to expose only 1mm of tip of the Genesen Acutouch pointers for safely treating:
    • sensitive skins
    • in a moving envirionment, such as in car, boat or aircraft
  • 1 X massage cap to completely cover the tips while massaging with the Genesen Acutouch pointers
  • 1 X clip to secure the Genesen Acutouch pointers to avoid loss
  • 1 X explanatory DVD-ROM
  • 1 X comprehensive, 263-page manual
  • 1 X sturdy plastic portable carry case to hold all components

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Price: R6848.33

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