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4 reasons why you should try acupuncture at least once

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Once people have tried every possible method to get rid of their discomfort, they try acupuncture. But it should not be tried as a last resort. Acupuncture works. Here are four reasons why you should try acupuncture at least once.

1. Its a personalized healthcare

Acupuncture treatment is not same for every patient. It is a personalized healthcare. Acupuncturists take every detail of you to decide what kind of treatment will be suitable for you. They look at your body as a system of interdependent parts. They find out what is deficient, both physically and mentally, and make necessary adjustments by using the body’s healing ability.

2. It has positive side effects

Acupuncture can cure your neck and shoulder pain. At the same time, it will give you quality sleep, good digestion, reduced stress level and improved your overall mood.

3. It gets to the core of the issue

Acupuncture not only focuses on the patient’s current condition but also looks at the past. By thorough investigation, it tries to treat the underlying cause of the problem.

4. It has proven to work

Acupuncture has been here for hundreds of years. It has spread over Asia and then in the western world. Recent research works have shown that acupuncture works. If it didn’t work, this practice wouldn’t have existed for thousand years.
It might seem that the needles will hurt. But actually, you will feel relaxed. You will get rid of pains and aches that you suffer on a regular basis.

This is why acupuncture always works for our patients

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There has always been a debate on the use of acupuncture. It is a traditional Chinese technique that was brought to America by the French missionaries. Many doctors don’t approve acupuncture. But new researches indicate that it works. The following things are true for acupuncture.

img121) It improves the body’s functions and makes the natural self-healing process better. It stimulates specific anatomic sites using needles. Pressure, heat or electrical simulations are also used.

2) Ancient Chinese medicine describes the body and universe as two opposing forces yin and yang. Energy ‘qi’ passes through specific paths throughout the body. If yin and yang are not in balance, it causes pain, illness and lack of function. Acupuncture helps to remove the blocked qi in the body.

3) Modern research has proved acupuncture’s effects on the nervous system, immune systems, digestive system, cardiovascular system and endocrine system.

4) Acupuncture can help reduce pain and improve digestive function, sleep and sense of well-being.

5) It is effective in treating back pain, neck pain, nausea, migraine headache, depression, infertility, and more.

The acupuncturist analyzes a person’s medical history before prescribing a particular treatment. People don’t feel any pain when the needles are inserted into the body. In fact, they feel very relaxed during the procedure. Some recent research works on acupuncture have found out that it is an effective method of treating chronic pain. In fact, it works better than placebo. So, if you have chronic pain, and nothing seems to work, then try acupuncture.

7 ways traditional Chinese medicine helps to improve fertility

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img4The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has is known for curing pains and aches. It is also good for treating infertility. This treatment has been practiced for years, and some people still consider it to be effective compared to other modern treatments.  Here are the ways TCM can help to improve fertility.

1. It increases blood flow to the reproductive organs. According to TCM philosophy, a stressful lifestyle pulls our body’s blood flow and attention away from reproductive organs and directs it to your arms and legs instead. Acupuncture is used to change this direction, and it makes sure that reproductive organs get enough blood flow.

2. It gets the hormones into balance. Conception becomes difficult when the reproductive hormones are not balanced. Stress is another reason for hormonal imbalance. TCM suggests healthy diet and exercising which cuts down stress in your life.

3. It helps to improve our emotional health. TCM philosophy suggests that two common organ systems are responsible for fertility which is liver and lungs. Liver is related to anger, stress, frustration and desire. The lungs are related to grief, sadness, etc. Acupuncture, meditation, and yoga can help in improving your emotional health.

4. It gets rid of dampness in the body. Dampness gets in the body and causes blockages in the form of fibroids and cysts. This makes it difficult to get pregnant. You should avoid wet food like cheese, milk, yogurt, ice cream, butter, etc. if you are trying to conceive a baby. You should also avoid wet clothing, moist basements, and humid environments.

5. You can find out when you are ovulating by charting your basal body temperature. You can also find out whether your body is at a temperature that helps fertility. The modern medicine also believes this concept so that you can find basal thermometers in your local pharmacy.

6. Your body becomes receptive to conception by taking TCM. The concept of fertility according to TCM philosophy is warm, holding, supportive and enveloping.

7. TCM believes in the passive attitude of an outcome. If you keep trying for a baby desperately, you will get into frustration and depression. This will further affect your fertility. You have to be patient and maintain balance to get the outcome you want.

Many doctors in the western world also are now using acupuncture for treating infertility conditions. More people have started to rely on this TCM for having a baby. There have been positive results in the past. If you follow the instructions of your practitioner well, you will be able to conceive a baby soon.

How to strengthen your body with Chinese medicine

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img8The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) uses the nature’s power to detoxify the body. This strengthens the body and improves your overall health. TCM is based on deep understanding of the energy Qi. It understands how the energy flows within the body and how to continue to move it once it gets stuck causing illness and pain. According to TCM, all health issues are a sign that the body is not in harmony with the natural law and nature. When we talk about detoxification, we need to think about cleansing our Liver.

The five elements of TCM

According to TCM, all natural phenomena is divided into five groups: wood, fire, metal, earth, and water. These elements show how our bodies interact with each other and the natural environment as well. These elements are diagnosed by the TCM practitioners.

Detoxification of Liver

Liver is related to the wood element and is associated with spring. It means that during springtime, the Liver can be affected by the seasonal energy change. Spring is the best time to enhance the function of Liver. For Liver to function well, no cold energy must be present, and its energy must flow and be flexible. TCM uses natural ways of safely balancing and building a strong liver function. Practitioners will give you selective food and herbs recommendations so that the Liver functions well.


TCM believes that a patient’s well-being is in his or her hand. So, TCM treatment spends a lot of time educating the person to understand how to take good care of himself or herself. TCM focuses on prevention. You can do self-acupressure regularly. By stimulating specific points in your body, you can help the energy flow.

If you have a strong liver, it will result in a healthy and strong body. So, you can use the liver detoxification method shown by TCM to improve your health.